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How To Start E-Commerce Business in Bangladesh?

How To Start E-Commerce Business in Bangladesh?

Ever Evolving Technology


The rapid growth of technology usage has reshaped the way of Business all around the world. It has enabled business owners to run a smooth business in a bigger aspect through E-Commerce websites. People conducting business using technology, specifically E-Commerce gets more features and facilities than the traditional store owners. Bangladesh is a late entrant in the E-Commerce sector. Many business owners are unaware of the benefits they get while using Technology in business specifically E-Commerce in Bangladesh.


E-Commerce & Business


However, being a late entrant in E-Commerce this sector is tremendously promising and thriving with success. According to E-Commerce Association in Bangladesh (ECAB), there is around 700 e-commerce sites in Bangladesh & almost 8000 people use Facebook as an E-commerce in Bangladesh. The reason we have so many businesses related to Facebook is that my online store in Bangladesh we understand only Facebook Page Business is sufficient. Many owners open up a Facebook page, starts uploading product information and sells to the people who contacts them over Facebook. But in the near future using only Facebook page will not be enough to carry on with your business. By the time business grows in a larger aspect managing it through Facebook becomes hectic. Thus, E-Commerce is necessary to ensure smooth operations of your business. While all the other countries prefer E-Commerce as their sole companion to manage online store we should walk on that path as well. If strategized carefully, E-Commerce in Bangladesh can be the next major element to move our Economy. To be part of this change one needs to know all the answers for how to start an online business in Bangladesh.


How to Start Online Business in Bangladesh


How to start an online business in Bangladesh is a broad question that can be answered through the usage of E-commerce. People understanding the importance of E-Commerce has already developed an E-Commerce Site along with a Facebook page. Because only a Facebook page can help you to start an online business in Bangladesh. To help the online store grow and expand one need to develop an E-Commerce site that will help them with branding, marketing, sales in the future.


Start with E-Commerce


To start an E-Commerce in Bangladesh you will need to understand the types of E-Commerce Business ruling the market. There are three types of E-Commerce in Bangladesh:

  1. Business to Business (B2B)
  2. Business to Consumer (B2C)
  3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)


How to Start E-Commerce in Bangladesh?


Steps to be followed if you are planning to start an E-Commerce in Bangladesh.

  • Find Out Your Interest
    Before starting any business, you will need to decide which products attract you the most to sell. Which market you want to enter in the sea of online stores in Bangladesh. Planning business with products of your own interest will help you focus more on the business. Conduct research about the service, product availability, make a list of suppliers. Sketch out the whole plan from collecting products to delivery process.
  • Know Your Competition
    There are around 8000 people conducting online business in Bangladesh. Before you start any business learn about your competitors. Know about their strength in the sectors, how long they’re doing business. Plan your selling strategy by bringing unique features to the service. Lesser presence of online shopping websites in Bangladesh gives you the advantage to start an E-Commerce Business.
  • Understand the Market
    Knowing customers demand and fulfilling them accordingly is what makes a business grow and achieve its goals.
  • Efficient Business Plan
    To start an online business in Bangladesh is easier than starting a traditional business with stores and physical presence. However, a successful business needs precise and efficient planning.
  • Complete Legal Procedure
    Complete all the legal procedure you will need to start your business.
  • Buy an E-Commerce Site
    To start an online business in Bangladesh one needs to buy an E-Commerce website along with opening a Facebook page. This will help you plan your business for a long time. Opening an E-Commerce will give your customers the facility to pay online, buy products anytime and from anywhere. In this regard, you can buy Mindfork E-Commerce, as we have developed our software specifically for those who want to start E-Commerce in Bangladesh and sell products online.
  • Choose an Agency
    After buying the E-Commerce website you will need to prepare the contents & product details in a manner that will attract more customer and will be easier for them to search for products. Setting up marketing plans & tools, conducting proper SEO ensures a smooth process for the customers. These works need to be done by professionals. It will be easier for you if you buy E-Commerce from such agency that will help you set SEO & consult about your future marketing strategies. Mindfork Tech LTD has an experienced Team that will help you set your business plans on the motion.
  • Payment Gateway
    An e-commerce website will give you an opportunity to set up an online payment system. Although most customers prefer to choose cash on delivery, payment gateways is still an option that an E-Commerce site should have. Cashless economy is the future and digital payment gateway ensure you are future proof. It will enable your customers to pay online using various secured lines. Mindfork Tech LTD offers to set up an online payment gateway for their E-Commerce in Bangladesh users. We are associated to provide a total of 15 ways that will help you set up an online payment system in Bangladesh.


Setting up a payment gateway system in Bangladesh requires few papers/documents:

  1. Company Trade License
  2. Owner’s NID & Photograph
  3. Bank Details
  4. Company Logo
  5. Website URL
  6. Signature & Seal


  • Prepare Your Team
    Starting E-Commerce in Bangladesh will require you to set up a team or prepare yourself to start stocking products, keeping track of them, take orders and deliver. Mindfork E-Commerce makes sure you can do these works by yourself without much hassle.
  • Market Your Products
    With a proper website and team management now all you need is to market your products in such a way that will attract more customers. Once you start working on the marketing plan you are all set to start an E-Commerce in Bangladesh. Two major factors to consider in the promotional sector are 1. SEO & 2. Social Media Marketing.
    Talk to your agency, Mindfork Tech LTD will help you make your business more visible and easily reachable to your customers. As beginners, it is to be advised to start your business with a logo, professional web posts, and precise digital marketing planning.
  • Start Selling
    Now that you are all set to be called E-Commerce in Bangladesh you can start selling products to your target customers. This is a very crucial part as the main purpose of setting up an online store is to sell product and earn a profit. Ensure to deliver best quality products to your customers.
  • Delivery System
    When you are taking your business to be set up as an online store in Bangladesh you will need a dedicated delivery company to deliver your products to the customers. By using Mindfork E-Commerce this headache of yours can vanish with a blink of an eye. Mindfork Tech will integrate API with delivery companies on your behalf. The only thing you will have to manage then will be the E-commerce site itself.
  • Final Step
    Now that you are all set to go, hold your breath and keep on selling products. Promote your store and let people know about your service, quality and price chart. You should know E-Commerce in Bangladesh ensures simple setup and easy earning without investing a lot.


Use Mindfork E-Commerce


If you are keen to be the next entrepreneur, establishing own business through E-Commerce, want to be part of the change that this technology is bringing to this world Mindfork E-Commerce should be your first choice. We are answering the question How to start an online business in Bangladesh by providing business owners with the smart & user-friendly E-commerce web application. Our E-Commerce provides 50+ unique features, starting from product management, stock management, order management, delivery management, shipping, tax, etc. to manage your store. Then the website will provide you with a customer database to work on your future offers, discounts, gift cards, new product shipping management. We take the responsibility to set your website on the right page of google search options by providing SEO. Also, Mindfork E-Commerce comes with a toolset of promotions such as bulk SMS/Bulk Email. Communicating with your clients will be easier than ever.


Be a Part of the Change


How to start an online business in Bangladesh does not conclude with buying a website and setting up products for display, it requires your focus, proper planning, digital promotions, a team to play with and patience. Do everything right, wait for the correct moment, keep on delivering the best quality product, bring new products for customers, communicate, put new items on your website & people will know, people will buy. By starting an E-Commerce site, you will be considered a store unique enough to rattle your competitors. Be the change in the business sector by using correct material. Be a part of E-commerce in Bangladesh.

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