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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy enlisted down below helps Mindfork Tech Ltd. to secure and protect its’ clients’ data, information collected on work purpose. This policy should also involve adoption of any security measure for the interest of clients and other party data involvement. These policies are solely used for the content and data of Mindfork Tech Ltd., any client data collected from third party or any other website do not follow the same policies. The provisions of the Terms & Conditions (T&C) have been specifically incorporated herein by way of reference.


Mindfork Tech Ltd. is permitted to collect information from any and all individual accessing the website or availing any of our services. By using Mindfork website & application one agrees to collect and store of certain information by Mindfork. The information we collect are:


(i) Information provided by client while registering oneself as a user of our website. This includes your name, age, occupation, contact information and other necessary data.

(ii) All information entered by user while proceeding the payment. This may/ may not include card number, details, bank account details. We agree to protect this information from any other interference.

(iii) In Addition to that Mindfork Tech shall collect data through cookies. Cookies are nothing more than small pieces of data that are sent from the Application to your browser and helps Mindfork in collecting certain non-identifiable information. In respect to the browser you are accessing the website, the following information may be collected by your cookies:


(a) Your IP Address

(b) The type and version you used to visit website

(c) You browsing history

(d) Details regarding your browsing and browsing patterns

(e) Amount of time spent on each website

(f) Advertisement you like/ visit link or find relevant

(g) Additionally we may also receive certain User information from our partners, service providers, associates, representatives and other affiliates.


Cookies may be disabled by you at any time should you choose to by visiting your browser settings. However, disabling cookies may affect the features and certain functionality of the Applications. Any reduced performance or functionality that is a result of you disabling the cookies shall not be Mindfork’ responsibility.


We collect certain information from Users for the following purposes:


i. Account Creation

We collect information in order to create an account for our user. All the information collected shall be used to maintain the account and also verify the user. User may have the access to choose which information to keep on public record.


ii. Providing Services

The most necessity of collecting such information are to provide our client and user the maximum service output according to their need.


iii. Communication

The contact information collected from users are used to communicate with clients from Mindfork Tech Ltd. We sent mails & texts from our end to user end. User might still get communication from Mindfork even after opting out their email address.


iv. Improvements

All the information collected shall be used to improvement of products and service provided by Mindfork Tech Ltd. We believe in continuous improvement through customer satisfaction by collecting their thought and information.


Mindfork Tech Ltd. is bound to keep all the data collected from its’ users or clients safe and secure. Under no circumstances Mindfork shall trade or sell any information. Mindfork might on the chance of work share few information with its’ employees, traders with your consent regarding the matter, also signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement that will bound the employees to secure your given information.


Mindfork Tech Ltd. may also be required to make certain disclosures regarding the Users information to comply with any applicable law or in compliance with any order or direction received from any court or governmental authority. However, Mindfork shall have no duty of confidentiality over any information that is shared, disclose or made public anywhere in the Applications by the User. In the event of a merger or acquisition of or by Mindfork, Mindfork shall disclose certain information to the acquired/acquiring entity. Mindfork shall also disclose certain User information for the purposes of protecting its employees and other Users.


Mindfork Tech ensures safety and security, both technical and administrative for its clients and users. Mindfork Tech is responsible to secure all data against any loss, theft or damage. However, we advise our users to take some security measures regarding their own data safety. Thus users are asked and advised not to share any account detail with any other third party. Mindfork shall not be liable for any unauthorized access or use of your User account.


Mindfork Tech shall have no duty of confidentiality over any of the following information:


i. Information shared on public domains.

ii. Information posted, uploaded, shared, transported by the user on any public sector.

iii. Information making public without any part on Mindfork Tech.

5. Links & Advertisements:

Mindfork Tech website contains many third party links & advertisements. However, these links and pages might have different privacy policy mentioned in their respective pages. The users are advised to bear caution while visiting those links and read through their privacy policy. Mindfork Tech shall not be considered liable for any loss, damage or breach of privacy occurred on the occasion of visiting or dealing with any third party website.

6. Management of Information:

Mindfork Tech advises its users to constantly update their user account information. It is believed that users will provide information that are accurate and updated. User shall have the right to revoke any laws and rules provided Mindfork Tech. In this case Mindfork Tech holds the power to deny access to user account and ban them from website. Mindfork Tech shall revoke the user rights in the following matters:


i. If the user access to the account manages to compromise other information of Mindfork Tech.

ii. In the event that the cost of editing or updating your information outweighs the need for the same.

7. Amendments:

Mindfork Tech holds the power to change part or the whole of privacy policy with any prior notice to its users. Users are advised to read the updated privacy policy for their own good. After altering any changes, the users are asked to bide by them, if not the user accounts will be denied access.

8. Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy, please mail us your concern at