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Top 10 Tips for starting an E-commerce Site in Bangladesh

Top 10 Tips for starting an E-commerce Site in Bangladesh

If you’re wondering what is e-commerce let me start from the very beginning. So, basically, E-commerce is buying and selling of products or services, transferring money, data and making transactions over the internet or an electronic medium. To start an e-commerce site in Bangladesh you will need a website, some tools, and a good business plan. However, if you enable secure connection and tools in your bd e-commerce site you will be able to run your business anywhere in the world where internet connection is available. There are many online shopping websites in Bangladesh.


A businessman with some proper e-commerce plan and procedures might not have to sit in front of his computer every day or even lay a finger and will be able to run his e-commerce site in Bangladesh.


This post will give you some very basic and genuine tips on your way to building an e-commerce site in Bangladesh. The first thing you will need to keep in mind that the technology sector in Bangladesh is changing very fast and people are accepting them quite soon. The scenario of Bangladesh is not the same now as it was 15 years ago. E-commerce sites in Bangladesh are increasing and working accordingly as per customer requirements. Your e-commerce site will need to update regularly to cope up with the potential customers.


There are many rules for starting an e-commerce site in Bangladesh. Covering all legal requirements and other steps is basic and everyone will need to fill up the requirements if they want to start an e-commerce site in Bangladesh. Those are ground rules but there are also some other great tips which you can follow so that your e-commerce site in Bangladesh stands out from the rest and grab a customer base very fast.


Tip 1: A Business Plan


A business plan is a first and foremost thing one will need if he wants to start a business. Not only for your e-commerce site in Bangladesh but also for running traditional businesses with a physical store all around the world. A business plan is a record book of a plan and it clearly emphasizes business goals. The management team will need a business plan to focus on the objectives and goals of the organization. The organization will need to show the plan to the bank for loans and other financial purposes. A minimum of 3-5 year business plan is required for a start-up or a new venture. A detailed business plan includes the business overview, operations plan, market analysis, products and services, sales & marketing plans, competitive analysis, management team information, financial plan, and projections. All this information is necessary for starting a new venture and without these basic outlines, it is hard to predict if the business will be a success in the long term.


Tip 2: Focus on building a very good impression


First and foremost technique that will work in business is building a good impression among the customers and suppliers. This strategy will work in the long run. This is very important to make your bd e-commerce site very attractive and user-friendly. Here, in this case, you will lose a customer or maybe more if they don’t like your e-commerce website or online store at first sight. They will not be interested to visit your online store again and also will not recommend to anyone. Competition is also very high as there are many online shopping websites in Bangladesh. Thus building a sophisticated and classic website theme according to your business is a requirement.


Tip 3: Think about your customers


The biggest challenge for an e-commerce site in Bangladesh is the inability of the customers of reviewing a product before the transactions. Think about this straight, how many bd e-commerce site in Bangladesh provides this facility of checking their products to the customers before selling. In this case, it would be very wise if you can plan for this issue. You can give free samples of your products to your customers. In case, it is a valuable product for which you are unable to provide it free, offer a very small amount of the product to your customers for testing it out. On the other hand, for some products, you can give facilities like checking the product on arrival to the customer doorsteps and making transactions later. You can give discounts, offers, membership card, etc. to keep the customers engaged in e-commerce site in Bangladesh. To make success in the long run you must take customer complaints very seriously and try to mitigate them as much as you can. To build a stronger brand value start working on curricular social activities.


Tip 4: Build a Mobile friendly E-commerce website for your online business


According to a recent study, average spending time on mobile is above 100 minutes/day per person. So, if you can build a more mobile-friendly e-commerce site in Bangladesh you will reach more customers. This means the visibility of your bd e-commerce site in customer phones should be attractive and catchy. It should be able to run very fast and promptly. When starting an e-commerce site in Bangladesh you should keep in mind that there are many online shopping websites in Bangladesh. So, building a strong all-rounder plan will be one of your best survival strategies.



Tip 5: Social Media is a must


If you want a quick and continuous growth of e-commerce site in Bangladesh, you will need the presence in all the popular social media platforms of Bangladesh. It is a strong platform for marketing your product and services. You will need a business page and a community manager to manage your page. Your community manager will be responsible for building relationships with the customers and monitor your competitor’s engagement in social media platforms. Your bd e-commerce site will mostly grow if your page can reach maximum customer engagement. Customer engagement means page likes, comments on posts and reviews.


Tip 6: Keep your online store on the top of SEO


At this moment even in Bangladesh, there are many e-commerce sites in Bangladesh who understand about the SEO. This is to appear at the top of the Google search result page when a customer searches about a store. But not everyone knows about the appropriate techniques on how their bd e-commerce site can be on top. There are many ways and you will need to hire a professional who has expertise if you lack the proper knowledge. Everyone who owns an e-commerce site in Bangladesh uses SEO for appearing at the top of a Google search result page. This means you will have a lot of competitors. So, if you are lacking good content, your product might not be on the first page of the Google search result. Your online store’s products title, URL and description should be set on such a way so that it can improve your website loading time. Another great tip is to open accounts in all possible social media apps and sites under the same name by one single address information.


Tip 7: Plug in more smart and updated tools on your e-commerce website


Your e-commerce site should be updated and to keep it that way you will need to plug in some smart web tools in your website. There are many but you will choose only those you will need for your e-commerce site in Bangladesh. Due to customer demand and industry changes you will need these tools so that you can attract the customer well, increase your brand value and manage your website easily.



Tip 8: Fill up all legal documents and get done with all the formalities


In this competitive market, to survive in the long run you will need legal access to run your e-commerce site in Bangladesh. You should fill up legal papers so that your business gets an authentic identity. A pinch of bad record may harm your business in long the long run and decrease your popularity. As your customers will have trust issues with your service and quality.


Tip 9: Use more photos on your e-commerce website


Your e-commerce site in Bangladesh should have more pictures. Pictures or images are the most convenient feature for attracting customers. You should be using authentic product pictures exclusively taken by your own professionals to build more trust. High-quality pictures or images are said to attract consumers better.


Tip 10: Try to outsource some of your work


Big renowned companies with a lot of workers also outsource their work to other companies or third parties. These third parties or agencies are specialized in some specific set of tasks. Outsourcing works save time and money for your company. It enables you to efficiently focus on the other work and decisions of your company. It is a win-win situation for both of the parties. You will need less time to train your employees again or hire some and thus reducing costs.


There can be a lot of tips given on e-commerce site in Bangladesh as this industry is growing every second. Technology is changing rapidly and to cope up with constant changes your business should be up to date. This means updating your website and the online store regularly and enabling more new features and tools to your site. Integrating new ideas into your business and bringing changes to your online shopping website in Bangladesh.


Good Luck!

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